my name is mom

Youtube- Rebekah Nieman.
Mother- 12/4/12
Wife- 08/16/13
TTC- 11/2014

I’m sewing up the new baby a michigan blanket! I want to make Tori a matching one but I wanted to see how big this one Is going to turn out. It’s so soft!

Sara, not just you. My friend who I thought had been driving since high school just posted she finally started driving. She’s married and has kids and everything. Like how the hell do people do that? She just depends on her husband for everything. I wouldn’t be able to do that. But she’s kept it a secret this whole time from people!

Does anyone watch peppa pig?!

I don’t understand how you have kids, house, ect. And don’t have your license. Wtf. No.

For anyone who might need this :)

For anyone who might need this :)